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Explore careers and prepare for the job with hundreds of free job simulations designed by the world’s top employers. Our job simulations build real-life skills for real-life roles, offering a window into the company and a preview of their day-to-day. Job sims are 100% free, open access and self-paced.

Accessible experience from top companies

Job simulations replicate work at top companies, and connect students to the companies themselves. In only 5-6 hours, learn relevant tools and skills necessary to complete tasks that replicate an employee’s work day.

  • No applications or experience required
  • Learn highly relevant skills in your own time, at your own pace
  • Your talent matters more than your connections


  1. Register for Forage and tell us a little about yourself.
  2. Enroll in a job sim and complete tasks that replicate real work.
  3. Compare your work with model answers and earn a certificate.
  4. Access curated resources and a chance to connect with recruiters.
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