Hiring for Part-time Employees


If your talent needs include hiring part-time employees, we suggest that you begin by thinking about the position and its schedule. Many students are looking for part-time opportunities that align with their class schedules. Students typically do best balancing school and work obligations when they are employed for approximately 20 hours a week.


We recognize that your staffing needs may not perfectly align with our students’ schedules, however, we find that those organizations who offer flexibility enjoy greater returns on their part-time hiring investments. Students who feel that their time away from work is valued by their supervisor and employer tend to be more dedicated to their work while they are there.

Be sure to consider the following questions: Can the hours be flexible to accommodate exams, class assignments, and other university obligations? Can work schedules be set in advance? Can hours be worked on weekends or in the evening?

As you consider recruiting USF students for part-time positions, it may be helpful for you to learn more about USF’s academic calendar.


While our students appreciate schedule flexibility, they also look for part-time jobs that will help them explore new areas of interest or apply newly acquired knowledge. Position descriptions that include opportunities for students to use their skills on the job give them a better idea of how the position can benefit them in the long run. Students with this knowledge are more motivated to apply for your part-time positions and will be better prepared for the daily tasks you expect of them. They may also bring existing skills from their education, previous part-time jobs, and other experiences that may be valuable to you and your organization.


Any position that you wish to recruit for should be posted in Handshake, the University’s online career management system. Click here to learn more about and get started with Handshake.

Hiring for FWS or On-Campus Positions

If you are looking to hire students and work on-campus, we can help. Use the wage matrix below to help set your payment structure and post on Handshake. If you have been given a Federal Work Study (FWS) fund for hiring, please be sure to indicate the FWS in the job posting as well as the campus name. If you are interested in receiving FWS funds, speak with the leadership in your unit to discuss this with the Office of Financial Aid.

If you have not used Handshake yet, but have student employment positions you would like to post:

If you have a Handshake employer account and have student employment positions you would like to post: